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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Orange County Occupational Therapy only offer OT?
No, OCOT offers Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy services.
What is the difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy?
OT and PT often “overlap”. The takeaway message is that OT focuses on improving specific tasks and daily functions through the lens of occupation(doing things) while paying special attention to upper extremity performance during these tasks. Physical therapists classically concentrate on overall movement for mobility.
Do I need to wear a mask to attend sessions with theOCOT?
It is recommended for both the therapist and the patient to wear a mask at all times. If the client receives services at Rogue PT & Wellness, all individuals involved must wear a mask at all times other than eating or drinking. If the client is being treated out in the community or in their own home, although it is recommended to wear a mask for safety, it is not required. The therapist will always be wearing a mask.
Are the therapists Vaccinated?
Yes, all therapists are COVID-19 vaccinated
Can I pay cash if I have Medicare?
No, Medicare requires all beneficiaries of Medicare to utilize part B funds for all outpatient therapy services regardless of the “soft cap”.
What if I want to be treated in a clinic?
Orange County Occupational Therapy rents space in a spacious clinical setting. You will be able to make appointments in this setting if you would like. The address is 18030 Magnolia Street Fountain Valley, CA 92708
How long is a session?
All sessions are 60 minutes unless you and the therapist have made other arrangements depending on your needs.
Should I continue therapy once discharged from theOCOT?
Yes! You will be provided with an individualized home exercise program.We also support the culture that Exercise is Medicine. We will provide you with multiple resources in the community to remain active.
Do I need to fill out the intake before I arrive or can I do it at the office?
You or a caregiver must fill out the intake form prior to arriving for your initial evaluation to ensure that theOCOT can provide you with therapy.
When should I arrive for my evaluation or treatment session?
You should arrive 15 minutes early.
Can a family member or caregiver be present for sessions?
Yes, of course. We encourage caregiver participation for training and general education. We do ask caregivers that are not directly involved in the session or that are not receiving current caregiver training to wait in the waiting room or return at the end of the session to reduce distraction and allow the client to obtain the full benefit of an individualized, one-on-one session with our skilled therapists.
What is the cancellation policy?
You must provide theOCOT with a cancellation via phone call at 714-406-3447 or an Email at within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment.Failure to cancel within 24 hours will result in a $50.00 fee. Failure to call and cancel/"No Show" will result in a fee for 100% of the services including the travel fee if you are receiving in-home therapy.
What is the late policy?
Your session may be forfeited if you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment.